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Yes. We have a Contractor Class A License: 2705145254

GAF- Master Elite and Master Select Contractors. 

CertainTeed-  Shingle Master and Silver Star Contractor.

DC, Maryland, and Virginia

New construction, Design, Repairs, Maintenance Contracts, Emergency Response, Waterproofing, Sheetmetal

Yes. Please contact us at 703-843-7374 to schedule.


Healthcare, Education, Government, Parking Lots, Financial Buildings and Green/LEED Buildings

Most roofs that we install come with a 5-year labor warranty against leakage due to workmanship. The manufacturer of the roofing material provides material warranties. Most materials come with a minimum of a 20-year or 30 -year materials warranty, and some materials have a lifetime warranty.

Moss, high winds, and old age. In roofs with low sunlight moss attaches itself to organic matter like debris and even the asphalt itself. As it grows, the minute root system weaves its way down into the shingle, which causes the shingle to separate.

When inspecting shingle/composition roofing look for granule-loss that may accumulate in the gutters. As the roof ages, you may notice that the edges of the shingles start to curl or split. The asphalt leaching out of the shingle over many years causes this.

The first step is to get your roof inspected by a license roofing contractor. Then we will check to see if it’s covered under your current warranty (if there is one). This will depend on the age of your roof, and materials used. In some cases, a simple roof repair is the answer. In other cases, it’s recommended you call your insurance company to see if your roof qualifies for a replacement.

For our residential clients, we can replace a single-family home’s roof in a day. This includes removing old roof shingles and underlayment, followed by replacing both with underlayment and shingles including clean up.

For our commercial clients, it can one to five weeks. There are many variables that we need to consider such as size of roof, type of roof, if the building is occupied, scope of work, weather, material availability, inspections, and permits.  We can provide you with a customized plan and estimated timeline.

  • Carlisle TPO, PVC, EPDM  (Firestone is a close second).
  • HENRY HRA + Waterproofing Products 
  • Columbia Green Roofs 
  • Hanover Pavers (Concrete and Porcelain Pavers)
  • PAC CLAD SSM metal 
  • TPO membrane
  • Epdm Membrane
  • 24 gauge flat stock 
  • 26 gauge flat stock
  • Waterproofing 
  • Aluminum 
  • Shingles
  • Hot Rubberized Asphalt

All types of roofing materials are started at the eave line and worked to the ridge. Certain materials are adjusted at the ridgelines to give the appearance that all courses are the same. This adjustment prevents the courses from lining up.

Fifteen pounds is the minimum requirement for shingle underlayment. Thirty pounds is twice as thick and is used to smooth irregular surfaces like most recover jobs. Because the plywood underlayment is older, we tend to use 30# felt on our tear-off jobs.

Manufacturers recommend that shingles be installed on a dry surface. However, the moisture that may be present on the felt surface will evaporate in time as the felt serves as a moisture barrier between the shingles and the roof deck.

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